6-axes freeform
bending machine NSB 

The NSB model with 6 CNC controlled axes, high performance bending features and fully synchronized control – freeform bending in perfection.

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5-axes bending machine NFB

5 controlled axes and usable lengths up to 6000 mm. Tube bending and profile bending for stainless steel, steel or aluminum.

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3-axes bending machine NPB

3 controlled axes and a very good price-performance ratio. Free form bending of round tubes made of various materials. 

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No tool change

No tool change required when bending different radii! Bending tools and tool development, loading and unloading systems or the integration of the machine into a production cell are part of our service.

Optional measuring systems

Optional measuring device with integration into the control system. Direct conversion of CAD data into bending programs.

Complex 3D-bent parts

Due to freeform bending no bending templates are necessary. Radii can merge directly into each other. No clamping marks and only the slightest change in wall thickness.

BA automatic drilling apparatus

Drilling apparatus “BA”-series

NC-controlled movement of drilling unit in X- and Y-direction and automated drilling process. Usable lengths from 3000 mm up to 12000 mm available.

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Different drilling units

On request also available as NC-axis for automated and precise drilling, threading, countersinking of hole lines without marking and punching. 

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Roller conveyor with automated drilling

Material can be machined with a roller conveyor in combination with a drilling unit with multiple axes -  various available options.

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Drilling feed apparatus for round tube

with feed axis (X), rotating axis (A) and pneumatic vice. Drilling pattern and rotation programmable. 

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Drilling feed with double spindle

and countersinking station, combined with NC-feed axis and roller conveyor. Loading magazine optional.

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Modern control systems

with touch display for intuitive programming. External programming, network integration and remote maintenance optional.

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LBZ milling centers

LBZ machining center for long parts

Cost-effective drilling and milling of longer parts made of steel, stainless steel or aluminum. Usable lengths from 3000 mm to 12000 mm available.

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Modern CNC controls

as well as easy access to clamping area with ground T-slot plates and various options such as additional axes, pendulum machining, vices, etc.

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tool magazine with 20 tools

and as well tool change.

Changing time only 1,6 seconds and chip-to-chip-time 2,5 seconds.

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Sawing machines

DGS - Double head miter saws

Available from manual adjustment of cutting data up to completely CNC controlled. Max. cutting lengths from 3000 to 6000 mm. 

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Series with various options

With saw blades from diameter 200 mm to 450 mm, pneumatic, hydraulic or customized clamping.

DGS-L Series

Machine bed design in L-shape with additional rotation and inclination adjustment enable double-sided shifter cuts on already bent parts.

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WK series

Robust circular saws WK 2, WK 3, WK 5. Tables, columns and gears made of solid cast iron. Manual, semi-automatic or fully-automatic system available.

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Automatic saw with loading magazine

Fully automatic sawing system with automated loading, sawing, unloading and miter adjustment. Series for steel or aluminum available. 

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Single-/ or double-head saws, or automated systems. Precise cuts with high speed and pneumatic material clamping.

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Piccolo parallel pendulum saws

Model EP

Basic model with 3 - 5.5 kW motor power, with stand and base table. Suction duct and nozzle already integrated

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Model EP as miter saw

Infinitely adjustable between - 45° and + 60°, on demand with digital display. Base table is already integrated.

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mobile sawing unit

With saw table (length 4060 mm), castors, length stop, pendulum stops and measuring device. Also available as miter saw.

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Model EPA

With hydro-pneumatic cutting stroke, 2-hand safety control and pneumatic material clamping.

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Complete PICCOLO sawing line

With roller conveyors on the infeed and finishing side, measuring device and length stop as well as suction unit.

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Model PLSE

Precision long cut saw, saw head with linear guide and large cutting range. Can be combined with our roller conveyors and length stops. 

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Roller conveyors / length stops / feeding systems

Roller conveyors

C-series (C-shape profil) or in closed design (BG) with roller widths from 300 - 500 mm and lengths from 1000 mm to 6000 mm as standard.  

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Heavy duty roller conveyors

With thick-walled steel rollers Ø 88, 9 mm and load capacity of 800 kg/m. Lengths up to 6000 mm and roller widths up to 800 mm.  

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length stop C-Series

Based on our roller conveyor systems with stop rod, steel measuring tape, magnifying glass and manual adjustment.

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digital length stop

Adjustment by handwheel directly from the machine. Available as open C-Series or BG-Series in lengths up to 6000 mm and different roller widths.

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digital length stop BG-90

Heavy duty version with steel rollers. Digital display and pneumatic clamping of the carriage. Also available as "open" version XL-90.

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motor driven roller tables

in closed frame design, available with various options. Driven by geared motor and chain with overload clutch. 

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CNC length stop 

Programmable system driven by AC-servomotor and interface for automation. Integrated roller conveyor in different lengths.

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CNC positioning system

With carriage on double linear guides and driven by AC-servomotor. Modern control system and interface for automation.

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Additional equipment

and options for our roller conveyor systems such as steel rollers, pneumatically retracting length stop rod or hinged stop rod. 

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Angle Bender

angle bender model WB 100

Versatile manual bending device for flat, u-shaped and round material. Robust cast iron design, standard jaws included.

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angle bender - WB 120 "Goliath" 

Heavy duty angle bender for flat material up to 120 x 10 mm (cold) or square 22 mm. Many options available. Weight approx. 90 kg.

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Additional equipment

For our manual bending devices: jaws with various radii, length stops etc.

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Tube bending machines for small quantities

Uni 42 A electric 

Easy to use electric bending machine for large radii.

230 V, 0,7 kW.

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Uni 60 A digital

Electric bending machine with digital control unit for large radii. 230 V, 1,3 kW.

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Uni 89

Electric bending machine with digital control, program memory and quick clamping device. 380 V, 4,8 kW.

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Punching and End-forming

Model REP 40

Tube end-forming machine with large clamping range and long forming path. Tool changer with 2, 3 or 4 stations.

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Model REP 8

Tube end-forming machine for tubes up to approx. 30 mm, with tool changer and various options.

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Forming tools

are manufactured individually according to the respective processing task.

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Automatic punching tools

For punching / notching of already bent profiles. Individual solutions for manual feeding or automatic version.

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Hydraulically operated units

With product specific tools, machine table, control and safety devices.

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Such as punching, trimming, notching, flattening of tubes, profiles and already bent profiles.

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Automation and custom made solutions

Profile machining centers “SBC”

With automatic loading, milling head, integrated sawing station, unloading, labeling... for steel or aluminum machining.

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NC pipe drilling machine

Automatic travelling column machine with a usable length of 12000 mm in "X" and 8 machining spindles.

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Drilling - sawing center

Double saw realizing shifter cuts and integrated drilling station. Machining of already bent profiles (processed in pairs).

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Custom made – saw cell

With 4 sawing heads for three-dimensional bent ALU profiles. With noise protection hood, suction, high-speed door ...

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Loading magazine

Delivered pipe bundles are automatically separated, fed and processed.

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Profile processing center

Fully automatic 4-side machining of steel profiles. The picture shows the material feed axis (X) with twisting device (A).

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